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Paul Pearson

Paul Pearson

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  • Hope College
  • Status: Faculty
  • Department: Math,
  • Will Mentor: Pre-doctoral students

Areas of Expertise

Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Applied Statistics,

Research Interests

Algebraic Topology, Topological Data Analysis, Statistics and Data Science


Dr. Pearson believes that math is for everyone and that love of mathematics transcends differences between people. He joined the Math Alliance mentoring program because he wants to help talented, ambitious students succeed in math and feel that they belong in the mathematics community. Dr. Pearson was told by one professor that he didn't belong in graduate school, so he knows from personal experience what it's like to be judged unfairly despite flourishing in mathematics. He believes he has a lot to offer students by helping them deal with temporary setbacks, putting things into perspective, and finding a path to success in math. Mathematics is challenging for everyone, but the real question is, "Do you enjoy that challenge?" If so, he wants to personally welcome you to the mathematics community and help you flourish, too.

Dr. Pearson is currently an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. He has also taught at Fort Lewis College, the University of Rochester, and Northwestern University, and done research at the Mittag-Leffler Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. While at Fort Lewis College, where approximately 25% of students are Native American and 43% are multicultural, he helped to dramatically improve student success rates in math courses through curriculum redesign. He also mentored many students by tutoring them in mathematics, teaching them study skills, encouraging them to take more mathematics, and helping them stay on track for graduation. At Hope College, Dr. Pearson is working hard to foster the success of all of his students and increase the number of math majors from underrepresented groups.